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How to fix “can not load my website on Google Chrome or IE”

Last couple days I’m unable to log in certain sites and the screen shows

  • can not load my website on Google Chrome or
  • Oop! Google Chrome could not find www.vnpham.com.
    Try reloading: www.vnpham.com or

How to fix it:

Solution #1:

Clear all cache and cookies by clicking on the drop down of 3 horizontal lines at the upper right corner of the Google Chrome screen ==> Tools ==> Clear browsing data ==> close the browser and restart the browser.  If it works fine, then that’s it.  If it doesn’t, then restart your computer.

Solution #2:

  1. Just go to Network & Sharing Center and open Change Adapter Setting.
  2. Select Properties by right click on Wireless Network Connection if you’re using wireless.
  3. Double click on Internet Protocal Version 4 and enter and at use the following DNS server address
  4. Click OK and click OK again to get out Wireless Network Connection Properties screen.

That’s it.  Close and re-open the browser.

Enter the www address of the site to see does it work.

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