How to change my Birthday in Facebook account?

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If you have question about how do I change my birthday and choose who I share it with, why can’t I change my birthday, changing the date of birth on Facebook account, how can I change my birthday date, month, and year in Facebook account… then this post can help you out.

Changing your birthday date or year or any information in your profile doesn’t hard, it’s not about technical or monetizing, it’s just about timing to locate where is it.  Sometimes, it’s right at your eyes but you might not see it.  That’s why I write this topic in case you need it and don’t have to spend a lot of time.

To change your birthday in your Facebook account, you need to login your Facebook account the do as the following steps:

Step #1: Go to your profile.

Step #2: Click on Update Info which is located at the bottom of your cover photo.

Step #3: Click on Contact and Basic Info which is located on the left handside column.

Step #4: Scroll down and look at the right handside screen.  When seeing Birth Date and Birth Year phrase, click Edit to change to whatever year or date of your birth is.

That’s it.  See how simple it is.  This post is not only helping you changing your birthday date and year of birth but it also helps you change your other information which is also located in your profile like Work & Education, Place You’re Live, Family & Relationship, Detail About You, Life Events,…