How to Change Desktop Computer Screen View from Horizontal to Vertical and Reverse

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Today, while I’m trying to change batteries for my wireless keyboard, somehow I accident hit some keys which I have no idea which ones are they, my computer screen changed the screen view completely.  I had to bend my head to see whatever on the screen.  I tried many ways to change it back to the normal, but didn’t work out.  I used my computer mouse to change it, it didn’t work then I hit hit hit all keystrokes (each at a time) on the keyboard to change it back but it was useless; I tried tried tried again again again then again again and then again by touchscreen but it was the same.  Luckily, my computer is touchscreen so it’s easy for me to do than non-touchscreen.  Finally, I used Search in the computer looking for the answer by typing “horizontal” then the system suggested “horizontal screen” then “horizontal screen view”.  Finally, I picked “horizontal screen view” and press “ENTER” key or hit a magnified glass to search.  I got many tips from people around the net, I picked the first one which pop up after I hitting Search.  At there I picked the first tip and it worked great.  The solution to change my computer screen back to the normal was pressing and holding keystrokes CTRL and ALT at the same time then pressing an Up Arrow Key.  That’s it.  The screen is back.  Now if you feel bored or want to have some fun, you can do it by switching back and forth (I mean horizontal to vertical or vertical to horizontal).  My first try worked well so I stopped to try other tips, but if this tip doesn’t work with you, you can try other tips.  I’ll sum up all tips I’ve known in the following section so it’s easy for you to narrow down.

Okay, to change your computer screen view back and forth – vertical screen to horizontal screen or horizontal screen back to vertical screen, here is what you need to do.  Just one of them, if it doesn’t work, then try next one.

Press CTRL + ALT + Up Arrow Key


Press CTRL + ALT + one of other Arrow Keys


Right click on the desktop
Go to Graphic Options -> Rotation -> Normal 
My computer is a little bit difference. It doesn’t have “Normal”, instead, it has 4 other options – “Rotate to 0 Degrees”, “Rotate to 90 Degrees”, “Rotate to 180 Degrees” and “Rotate to 270 Degrees”.  My normal screen should be “Rotate to 0 Degrees”.


Click Start -> Control Panel -> Click Display -> Click Adjust Resolution -> Orientation – Dropdown menu -> Select Landscape – Press OK
At this choice, my computer kinds a difference. I have a choice without going “Start” button by using a touch screen – open it from the right side of the screen. I choose “Control Panel” then glance over to where it says “Appearance and Personalization”. At here, I select “Adjust screen resolution”. Now the screen open, look over at “Orientation”, use the drop down arrow to change it back to the landscape view (“Landscape” and then press “OK”). That’s it. The “Orientation” of my computer has 4 options – “Landscape”, “Portrait”, “Landscape (flipped)”, “Portrait (flipped)”.

I don’t know your computer, mine is All-in-One Desktop and window 8 and yours might be difference little bit from mine.

If I have other solutions, I’ll add them here as soon as possible.  If you’ve some cool solution(s), you can share with us in the comment section.

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