How much do you know about the United States presidential election?

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How much do I know about United States presidential election?

In my understanding, the United States presidential election happens every four year. Often, in the (very beginning) year of election, each political party must nominate one person out to run for president whom is called presidential nominee or presidential candidate. Later, the presidential candidate selects one person to run as vice presidential whom is called vice presidential running mate. Next, presidential candidate will speech at every possible place by telling what he/she will do while in the office to bring good stuffs and benefits for his/her country and his/her people if is selected as a president.

Don’t misunderstanding when I said “His/her people”.  Here are what does “his/her people” mean:

When he/she is a president of a country, the president considers entirely of people in that country is his/her people; no matter a person is a good person or a bad person; a black person or a white person or a yellow person or a green person or a red person; a healthy person or a sickness person; an intelligence person or a mental ill person. All of them are his/her people and he/she must do anything to help them, to feed them, to keep them safe, to keep peace place for them to live, to solve any problem which could harm them, to get more jobs for them, to stand up for them to other country… His/her people always are first…  In conclusion, all people in his country are treated equal and the same, and he/she never, never, never does a favor for one person and left out another person or stands one side and gives words (even just a word) which may cause the problem between his/her people even though it’s an implying word.

Let’s me go back what my point for this post.

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Okay, let’s jump to the election processing.  To me, it likes a system which means one step processing at a time and you can not jump to the end and/or jump back to the beginning.  As I’ve known, November 8, 2016 was the election date which is normally not fall exactly the same.  Okay, let’s skip about election date now and I’ll talk about it later or next post.  November 8, 2016 was a day which all of us came out to vote; however, we could choose to vote before this day; people called it as “Early Voting”.

Voting (US President and Vice President):

Step #1 (us): All people (US citizenship & registered to vote) go to vote.

Step #2 (state): Each state counts the number of votes in that state.

  • The result will tell which presidential candidate winning in that state.  (Who is the winner? Presidential candidate A? or Presidential candidate B?)

Step #3 (state): Base on the result of vote counts, the state casts in its Electoral votes for presidential and vice presidential candidate has highest vote counts. (Remember: “cast in”, not “vote”).

  • If presidential candidate A is a winner, then the state casts its electoral votes for presidential candidate A.  If presidential candidate B is a winner, then that state casts its electoral votes for presidential candidate B.  There are an exception: couple states splitting the electoral votes; I’m not so sure about this, I’ll make a correction when I find out.
  • This number (electoral votes) is difference between the states and is assigned based on the number of the population in that state (number of House Representatives) + number of Senators…  For example, the number electoral votes in California is higher than Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York… because California has more population than other states.

Step #4 (nationwide): Count all electoral votes for Presidential candidate A and Presidential candidate B.

  • The winner is a presidential candidate whose number of electoral votes met the requirement to win the election.
  • As today, computer system is used in the voting processing, we can have the result fast, little pass the midnight and early morning of the next day. In the past, the voting may take for many days to have a result and maybe that’s why the government (in the past) set December 19 as an electoral date, the day in which all states must have its official voting count results ready.

Step #5: I think we understand up to this point is enough; the rest is just left for the government taking care off because government workers get pay through people tax dollars; if they don’t do their jobs, someone will take over their positions.  Also, it’s not necessary to go further because it’s easy confusing people; however, if you want to understand more, just go to the bottom of this post and visit one of the government links then you’ll get it.

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This is a draft and I be back for more…


The facts relating to 2016 US Presidential Election are:

US Presidential electoral vote = 538 electors
(538 electors = 435 Representatives +100 Senators + 3 District of Columbia as provided for in the Twenty-third Amendment)

270 Electoral votes is the requirement number to win the election.

Electoral votes: California (55), Texas (38), Florida (29), New York (29), Illinois (20), Pennsylvania (20), Georgia (16), Michigan (16),…

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