20% discount membership discount (pharmacy technician continue education)

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20% discount on a freeCE.com membership

To anyone whom may need.

FreeCE Coupon Codes:  20% Discount On a freeCE Membership is FLTECHKIT. I got this 20% discount coupon code for a year membership at freeCE.com but forgot using when opening an account. I think someone might need it to meet the state license requirement at the end of the year, so I include it here.

I’m not sure it works with you or not but it’s not hurt to try.

It’s kind a funny, I got a letter, opened it and saw the coupon and then set aside. I completely forgot about it until today after trying getting unused papers for the recycling date. First thing I said when seeing it is ohhhhhhhhhhhh, I have it… and why not using it… instead of searching around the internet for a coupon/discount. Before I applied for a membership, I searched at the search engine to find any coupon out there and fortunately I got a 10% off. I submitted the registration right away without thinking twice. At that moment, I said that “yeah, it’s not bad, get 10% off, that around $8, not so bad, just few clicks in a few seconds and save $8, so that’s enough…”

Do you think it’s funny? It’s funny because you have a treasure right of your hand but not enjoy it instead of looking at nowhere to find a penny and unsure whether getting it or not. Anyway, now, I missed this 20% discount, but, at least, I have something giving back for 10% off I used earlier.

Hope the discount code works for you.

Who is freeCE.com? It’s a website which provides continuing education courses for healthcare professional likes pharmacist, pharmacy technician, nurse, physician, nurse practitioner and other healthcare provider.

freeCE (Continuing Education For Healthcare Professionals)

Membership cost = $79/year.

Once again, freeCE.com’s coupon is FLTECHKIT.

Here are some other coupon codes which I just searched around the web you can try. (Last updated: 12/29/2014)

  • 10% Off New Memberships: FACEBOOKFAN or FACEBOOK
    As I just mentioned above I got 10% off when registration, that is FACEBOOKFAN.
  • 10% off on new membership or renewal: TWITTER or twitter
  • 10% off or free gift: WEBDISCO411

Another way which you might get freece.com coupons or discounts is going to their social pages.  When searching, I noticed some in the list.  (Last updated: 12/29/2014)

  • https://www.facebook.com/FreeCEFans
  • https://twitter.com/pharmcontweets
  • https://plus.google.com/111372070660525594662/posts
  • https://www.linkedin.com/company/freece—a-subsidiary-of-pharmcon
  • https://www.youtube.com/user/FreeCEonline

Freece coupon code: 20% discount on a freeCE.com membership
Good luck everybody especially who are needed to renew the license at the end of the year.

Brought to you by “A Florida Friend”.

Insurance discounts for your car

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Auto Insurance Discounts
Car Insurance Discounts that can save you money

Insurance discounts which you should not forget to double check

To keep the insurance price is low as possible, all of us try to dig as deep as we can to find any discount that’s available; however, sometimes, discounts aren’t shown up when needing. So, we create a short list of possible discounts as we’re known so far.

  1. students – good student, distant student
  2. pay in full
  3. multi car insurance
  4. multi policies – car insurance and home insurance together
  5. e-sign (paperless billing/automatic payment/electronic funds transfer)
  6. homeowner
  7. accident forgiveness
  8. annual mileage
  9. anti-lock brake
  10. anti-theft
  11. alarm system
  12. customer loyalty rewards
  13. military
  14. passive restraint
  15. “green” vehicle
  16. safe driver/accident-free
  17. defensive drive
  18. advance renewal
  19. use of car
  20. short commutes
  21. college degree
  22. days per week driven

We’re trying getting more insurance discounts…

In the meantime, there are some sources which you can get more information about discounts of insurance like

  1. Who offers the most car insurance discounts? bankrate.com/finance/insurance/car-insurance-discounts.aspx
  2. Hidden discounts revealed of car insurance: abcnews.go.com/blogs/business/2013/07/car-insurance-hidden-discounts-revealed

Insurance discounts from insurance companies:

  1. Auto insurance discounts at StateFarm insurance: The Coverage You Want, the Discounts You Deserve – statefarm.com/insurance/auto/discounts
  2. Auto insurance discounts at Liberty Mutual insurance – libertymutual.com/pmlibertymutual
  3. Auto insurance discounts at Allstate insurance: allstate.com/auto-insurance/auto-insurance-discounts.aspx
  4. Car insurance discount at Progressive insurance: progressive.com/auto/car-insurance-discounts
  5. Car insurance discounts and reductions in premium at Geico insurance:  geico.com/information/discounts/car-insurance-discounts
  6. Auto insurance discounts at Nationwide insurance: nationwide.com/car-insurance-discounts.jsp
  7. Insurance discounts at Arbella insurance: arbella.com/insurance/insurance-discounts