How many difference types of insurance you know?

How many types of insurance are available in the market right now?

  • Health insurances
  • Life insurances – insurance which pay a lump sum to survivors after a person died.  There are two types of life insurance: pure insurance (term life insurance – 5 years term, 10 years term, 20 years term,..) and cash-value insurance (whole life insurance, universal life insurance, variable life insurance,…).  Life insurance which involves in investment is cash-value insurance.
  • Auto insurances – car insurance, motorcycle insurance,…
  • Home insurances – insurance which cover if there is something happen to your property.
  • Mortgage insurances
  • Flood insurances – insurance which cover the property if the property got damage because of flood.
  • Travel insurances
  • Business insurances – general liability insurance, product liability insurance, commercial property insurance, professional liability insurance, home-based business insurance…
  • Accidental insurances
  • Credit insurances
  • Disable insurances
  • Long term care insurances
  • Wage insurances – a type of insurance which cover the wage of a person when he/she is unable to work.
  • Gap insurances
  • Long term insurances
  • Short term insurances



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